The three-layer engineered panel creates a functionally balanced material with high resistance to warping, splitting or cracking.

Our design also results in a modern and unique edge aesthetic, bringing great beauty to your project, while promoting responsible use of raw materials.

LisCross panels are ideal for use in furniture, cabinets, boxes, tables, wall and ceiling cladding, countertops and much more.

About Versalis

Aiming to valorizing national and reforested woods at the same time reaching a wider customers base, Listone launched Versalis, a line featuring Brazilian native and reforestation woods.

This new line of products maintains Listone's quality standard, while using versatile woods, such as African Mahogany (Evory), Brazilian Oak, Brazilian Cherry, Pine and Acacia.

Versalis brings panels developed to achieve the maximum use of the tree, thus delivering exclusive pieces with unique designs.

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