Our history

Listone was founded in 2011 in the district of Mooca,
São Paulo, Brazil.

Listone was founded in 2011, in São Paulo - Brazil, with the purpose of being a reference in the production and sale of hardwood floors in the Brazilian market. After years of experience in the timber industry, our cofounder Rogerio realized that there was a need to produce more personalized, less standardized and high-quality flooring and panels.

We are a conscious and innovative company, determined to demonstrate that it is possible to modernize processes, while combining quality, elegance, comfort and sustainability. By using wood consciously, the forests can be preserved through forestry management with certified companies, ensuring better utilization of timber while avoiding waste of raw materials as much as possible. We strictly avoid engaging in illegal, predatory and unsustainable logging practices.

We genuinely care about nature. That is why over the past decade we have invested in innovative cutting and bonding techniques and machinery to make the best use of wood. Our commitment is daily and stand against material waste. In our production we only use certified and reforested wood, in addition to modern finishing and manufacturing methods, as well as advanced processing techniques, ensuring the durability and resistance of our products, thus enabling us to offer a diverse range of high-quality items.

The most efficient use of trees.


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