Why choose Listone?

Trees, much like all of us, have their own marks of time, whatever they may be; it is in their grains that their age is inscribed.

We believe that, more than transforming environments, it is essential to value the environment we live in and our roots. We want to bring wood into people's daily lives by showing that elegance, warmth and comfort combine with innovation, quality, versatility and sustainability. Thus, investing in wood goes far beyond having access to a renewable and long-lasting raw material.

Wood can also include you in a virtuous circle of growth and evolution, for producers, the community and nature. After all, everyone deserves to live in an environment that brings back good memories, transforming even those hard days into great moments.

Choosing Listone is an evident recognition of the importance of respecting and valuing nature, innovation, authenticity, and ingenuity. 

Let's work together for sustainability and innovation?

Our differentials

Technical and specialized service

State-of-the-art machinery and focus on improving the production line

Promotion of sustainability

Maximum use of material, reducing waste

High-quality products with a focus on customer satisfaction

Our products are tested not only by us, but also by some customers before being commercialized on a large scale