Excellence in Wood Floors and Panels

In addition to its extensive experience in the timber industry, Listone constantly invests in machinery, training and certified, ethically sourced raw materials to make our customers' dreams come true! Among our main products are wood floors and panels.

Wood flooring

Not all woods are the same and each one has its own personality. With that in mind, we work with various options of raw materials, always suggesting the best alternative according to the style of each project and individual’s style. 

For instance, our company offers engineered wood floors which have a similar appearance to solid floors but providing a smarter use of premium wood and ensuring greater durability. 

The structure of our engineered floors consists of of a 3 mm top layer of the finest wood species over pressed layers with marine-graded glue and cross-grain arranged. This combination guarantees greater stability and resistance to natural expansions that the material undergoes over time. 

Some of the woods we work with:

Wood panels

Elegance and sustainability go hand in hand when it comes to wood panels. With unique textures and characteristics, wood panels offer more than just aesthetics: they add durability and resilience to spaces.  

Wood panels can be applied in residential and business environments such as: living rooms, bedrooms, offices, halls and in furniture, providing spaces a touch of sophistication and coziness, combined with the beauty of nature.