Listone Brand

Passion for Wood and Respect for Nature

After years of experience in the timber market, we felt the need to update our brand. Our new logo highlights the wood grains, sharp represented to reinforce the resistance, beauty, elegance and versatility of this material, as well as conveying an air of modernity and sophistication. 

And here is our manifesto, which sums up the essence of our brand: 

Listone Manifesto

Trees, much like all of us, have their own marks of time, whatever they may be. And it is in their grains where their age is embedded. 

We believe that, beyond transforming spaces, we must value he environment in which we live and our roots. We aim to integrate wood into people's daily lives, showing that elegance, coziness and comfort combine with innovation, quality, versatility and sustainability. Thus, investing in wood goes far beyond having access to a renewable and and long-lasting raw material..   

Wood can also embrace you in a virtuous circle of growth and evolution, for the Producers, the Community and the Nature. After all, everyone deserves to live in an environment that brings back good memories, turning even the most difficult days into great moments. 

Let's work together towards Sustainability and Innovation?